Our Real Estate Auctions bring the buyer and seller together in a timely manner to achieve true market value. In today’s unreliable economy, selling real estate can be an intimidating and challenging process. An auction is a highly efficient way to sell any type of real estate, including residential, agricultural, and commercial. The terms are straightforward and competitive bidding ensures interested buyer participation and quick resolve.


No longer are auctions simply for distressed or foreclosed properties! Due to increasing confidence in auctions and with proven effectiveness, real estate auctions have become a widely acceptable method and is steadily gaining popularity.


Property owners who wish to have influence in the selling process as well as buyers who are interested in purchasing authentic properties may be drawn to several unique benefits of real estate auctions.

Seven Reasons why a Real Estate Auction benefits you as a Buyer:
1. Buyers determine the purchase price
2. Auctions eliminate long negotiation periods
3. Auctions reduce time to purchase property
4. Purchasing and closing dates are known
5. Scheduled viewing times to view property prior to auction to allow the buyer to make an educated decision
6. Buyers know they are competing fairly and on the same terms as all other buyers
7. Closing transaction is still processed through a lawyer so no concern on fraudulent affairs

Seven Reasons why a Real Estate Auction benefits you as a Seller :
1. Reduces long term carrying costs, including mortgages, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and other related expenses. The property owner knows with certainty when the property will sell
2. Creates competition among buyers to establish a true market value. Property can be sold subject to owner’s approval

3. Eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings
4. Property is sold as is, where is at date of sale
5. Saves the seller unnecessary long negotiation process; hassle and haggle free
6. Typically, transactions can be completed within 30 days!
7. The closing transaction is still processed through a lawyer so no concern on fraudulent affairs


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